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About The Light Switch Project.
An LED Fundraiser.

The Light Switch Project is an energy efficiency LED bulb fundraiser for schools and community groups. With every LED kit sold, your organization will earn funds and we’ll all save some energy and help make New Jersey an even better place. This fundraiser is made possible by New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program and the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.

Raise funds by selling LEDs

By joining The Light Switch Project New Jersey, and selling Philips SlimStyle LEDs, your school or organization will earn a 50% profit on each kit sold.

  • New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program

    New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program is a statewide program administered by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities that promotes energy efficiency and renewable energy for all New Jersey ratepayers, including businesses, schools and municipalities. For more information please visit NJ Clean Energy website.

  • Programs Powered by TechniArt

    TechniArt is a facilitator for The Light Switch Project and is available to help your organization participate in the fundraiser. TechniArt is passionate about energy-efficient products and promoting the benefits of energy-efficient lighting through one-on-one educational interactions. For more information check out How It Works

  • Philips SlimStyle LED Bulb

    The Philips SlimStyle LED 10.5 is an energy-efficient lighting light bulb that replaces traditional 60w incandescent bulbs, while enhancing the look of your home with comfortable tones and an innovative design.

  • For more information about how you can get involved with the fundraiser, check out How It Works

Program benefits…

The Light Switch Project is a great way to raise funds and help your community save energy, but the benefits don’t stop there! When you sign up…

  • Earn 50% profit on every LED kit sold
  • Take part in a generous prize program with Amazon gift cards valued up to $100
  • Receive free delivery to your organization
  • Purchase 4 LEDs for $10 in every kit, thanks to a discounted New Jersey Clean Energy Program rate
  • As part of New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program, Philips and TechniArt have partnered to create The Light Switch Project: An LED fundraising program designed to educate our communities about energy efficiency and top-quality LED lighting.

  • Plus, LEDs use 75 percent less energy than incandescent lighting and save you money on your utility bill, so you’ll be helping your community save energy and make New Jersey a better place with each LED kit you sell.

Are you interested in bringing The Light Switch Project to your school or organization? contact Greg Roche, The Light Switch Project Program Manager, by calling 860-978-5043 or contact him by email.